south king county bar association

Membership in the South King County Bar Association is $40.00. To sign up for SKCBA membership, complete the attached form and email our Treasurer Jenny Rydberg.

SKCBA Treasuer

If you join the King County Bar Association and the South King County Bar Association, SKCBA dues are only $30.00. For more information on a dual membership, visit and click on "membership."


President: Jorge Ramos
Vice President: Renee Walls
Secretary: Darcel Lobo
Treasurer: Jenny Rydberg


Board of Trustees

Erik Olsen
Lee Thomas
Jennifer Karol
Greg Girard


Meeting Minutes
Members can view our SKCBA Board Meeting Minutes in Word format:

Minutes from October 10th, 2013
Minutes from September 11, 2013
Minutes from August 14th, 2013

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